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What is it?

Are we collaborating with the right partners at the right time to promote synergy over stove-piping? Collaborating intentionally happens when USAID staff and stakeholders identify areas of shared interest and work together where it makes sense, reduce duplication of efforts, and share knowledge across sectoral and institutional boundaries. 

Guidance and Tools

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Meeting Strategically: How to Collaborate, But Not Too Much — This episode of From the Inside Out looks at all things collaboration. Listen as development professionals delve into evidence from the business sector on the negative effects of over-collaboration, reflect on team collaboration, and talk about six strategies for strategic collaboration and what they look like at USAID.

Stop, Collaborate and Listen — This episode of CLA at USAID zeroes in on the C in CLA—collaboration—with three case studies. Hear more about the principles of human-centered design in workshop facilitation, digital storytelling, and facilitating a collaborative process among stakeholders.