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Community-Contributed COVID-19 Resources

CDC microscopic visual of Corona beta virus.

Partner Response to Implementing Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact in countries around the world, and USAID and its partners are responding to the pandemic at home and abroad. This page provides USAID's partners with a forum for sharing tools, approaches and lessons for Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) during the global pandemic sourced from the implementing community. Inclusion on this page does not indicate endorsement by USAID. View USAID-produced resources

If you or your organization have resources to share with USAID, we encourage you to upload a resource or blog of your own. Or, you can send us an email at [email protected].

For general information on COVID-19 and its implications for USAID implementing partners, refer to USAID's Covid-19 Guidance for Implementing Partners. USAID implementing partners should also contact their Contracting Officer’s Representative(s) (COR) or Agreement Officer’s Representative(s) (AOR) and their Contracting Officer(s) (CO) or Agreement Officer(s) (AO).


Adapting Data Collection for MEL Resources

Remote Monitoring in the Time of Coronavirus

6 Technologies for Monitoring and Evaluating Programs in Insecure Environments

8 Ways to Digitize Your MERL Practices During COVID-19 Response

Data Collection Practices and Recommendations for COVID-19

Remote Survey Toolkit

Bowling in the Dark: Monitoring and Evaluation During COVID-19

Best Practices for Conducting Phone Surveys

Practical Tips for Implementing Remote Surveys in the Time of the Great Lockdown

Development Funders: Are Your Grantees Pivoting to COVID-19 Response? Here's How They Should Pivot Their M&E

Monitoring in the Context of COVID-19

Effective Use of Remote Monitoring in the Context of COVID-19

Remote Monitoring: Considerations for Practitioners Based on Recent Literature

Remote Monitoring & Management of GBV Programming in COVID-19

Learning and Adapting during COVID-19 Series, Webinar 1: How are international development implementers and donors responding in this challenging time?

Third Party Monitoring Resources

Webinar: Third-Party Monitoring: M&E in conflict affected areas

Evaluations and Research Resources

Hold'em or fold'em: When a crisis hits, what should I do with my ongoing field research project?

Impact evaluations in the time of COVID-19, part 1

Evaluation During a Crisis: COVID-19

Evaluation Planning and Implementation Guidance

A global effort is needed to ensure all countries are ready to combat COVID-19 (coronavirus) with evidence

Adapting evaluation designs in times of COVID-19 (coronavirus): four questions to guide decisions

Adapting Research Approaches for COVID-19 Decision-Making

Adapting evaluation in the time of COVID-19 - Part 1: Manage