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4. Managing an Evaluation

This section addresses the management phase of an individual evaluation, from the period following the award of an evaluation contract to the submission of the final report. Following the award of an evaluation contract, the COR (for external evaluations) or the Evaluation Manager (for internal evaluations) serves as the main communication link between USAID and the evaluation team. In most cases, the evaluation will be managed by the Program Office (i.e., Evaluation COR/Manager is a Program Office staff member).

The Evaluation COR/Manager will ensure that:

  • The evaluation team’s final evaluation design meets the Agency’s needs;
  • The evaluation team has access to the necessary information (e.g. project or activity reports, performance monitoring data, key contact information, etc.);
  • The evaluation team is proceeding with the evaluation as envisioned;
  • Coordination between evaluators and implementers is smooth; and
  • A final report is reviewed, approved, and disseminated.

Guidance and Tools