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Mid-Course Stocktaking Module and Overview

Stocktakings assess strategy-level results on a cumulative basis, as well as changes in context or opportunity that could result in updates to strategy implementation. USAID Missions must conduct at least one CDCS Mid-Course Stocktaking (MCST) during the life of the strategy as required by ADS, a.

MCST is a Mission-driven process. There are many ways to approach MCST planning, and sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. The Mid-Course Stocktaking Module is a one-stop-shop for sample agendas, design tools and words of wisdom from Missions that have been there before.

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Explore the resources below to assist you in finding the right information for your needs at any given stage of the MCST process.

Mission Examples

Guidance and Policy





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What is Stocktaking?

How Stocktakings Benefit Missions

The Way Forward

Assemble the Team

Planning Steps

Conducting the Stocktaking and Case Studies

Defining Objectives

Defining Objectives: Key Questions

Info Gathering and Analysis

Who Should be Involved, How, and When

Key Questions Regarding the Process