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Organizational Capacity Assessment

This is a web-based training on the USAID version of an Organizational Capacity Assessment, one of the most useful tools in the Local Solutions toolkit, created by the Local Solutions team and the Center of Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance. The Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) is used by USAID officers and implementers to support organizational capacity development. This short training is therefore of interest to any officer directly engaging with local partners, or who oversees or supports capacity development programming.

The online training provides a general introduction to the OCA including what it is, its purpose, how to use it, preparing staff to be involved in facilitating OCAs. The module follows the steps that a facilitator will need to follow in order to carry out the OCA process. There is particular emphasis on: why the OCA is a self­ assessment, effective action planning, flexible ways of using the OCA, and lessons learned and best practices. The module references real-life examples from missions, including some videos from Armenia and Zambia. It takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

Online Module

Effective Facilitation of the Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA)