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Phased Acquisition

As USAID promotes reduced barriers to entry for new partners through streamlined procurement processes, the Acquisition and Assistance (A&A) workforce is utilizing more diverse acquisition processes including phased acquisitions. 

Phased acquisitions are used when USAID anticipates a large competition for a specific procurement and wishes to reduce the number of offerors for evaluation. USAID uses the terms “phased acquisition” and “down select” synonymously to describe any process in which the government hopes to reduce the number of offerors for evaluation. In addition to reducing barriers to entry, phased acquisitions can reduce the workload of individual procurements for USAID professionals and offerors responding to requests for proposals (RFPs).

The Phased Acquisition Toolkit below provides resources to support contracting officers (COs) and other US government professionals in understanding and utilizing phased acquisition options supported by the Procurement Executive Bulletin (PEB) No. 20-02.

Guidance and Tools

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